International Orders

Shipments to other countries cannot be guaranteed. The US Postal Service only guarantees that the shipment goes to the receiving country. All of our shipments to European countries have arrived safely. One shipment to the Philippines never made it. You accept the responsibility.



International shipping charges are very high. Minimum of $20.00 for 1 planner and a few dollars more for 12 planners. Each country has different rates. Therefore we have set a minimum order for International customers to be 12 planners to keep the cost per planner reasonable.


Another option is for us to ship the planners to a missionary, serving in the USA, who will be coming home soon. The costs for us to ship within the USA is from $2.60 to $3.90 for 12 planners.


Another option would be for someone who wanted to sell our planners in their own country (minimum 50 planners). We would sell the planners to you at the same price we sell to USA stores who make a profit selling our planners. Again, large shipments cost less per planner than small shipments so there is room for you to make a profit based upon your ability to sell and ship locally at a reasonable costs. If you are interested please email me and I will provide you with prices and the shipping costs from the USA to you.